Cooking with Au Lạc

To welcome the first days of the vegetarian season, Au Lac Food Vegetarian Trade & Manufacture Co., Ltd accompanied the trading center of Hiep Phu Metro, Binh Phu Metro, An Phu Metro to implement the program “Vegetarian Food for a Healthy Lifestyle” and the cooking show “Cooking with Au Lạc”.
The program for tasting the sample foods will run from August 04th 2016 to August 18th 2016 from 9 a:m to 7p:m in Metro District 2, District 6 and District 12.
The “Cooking with Au Lac” cooking show will take place in Metro District 2 on Saturday and Sunday in the first two weeks of August. Into the time frame 09h00 to 12h00 from 15h00 to 19h00, Au Lac Company will guide customers to cook the attractive and healthy vegan dishes.

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