Where to sell vegetarian food with the best quality and best price in the market?

Reputable and good price vegetarian foods are always most interested in by many people. The trend of vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular, along with that the vegetarian market also increases.

But not all vegetarian stores in HCMC are of the same quality, because there are many non-origin and unlabeled products. As an inexperienced person, you will very easily be deceived, “cut and slashed”.

Where is the most prestigious and quality vegetarian food sold?

Be careful when buying vegetarian food!

Vegetarian food not only appears in big stores but is also widely sold in markets and everywhere. In addition, if you are a vegetarian lover, you will surely know that this food also appears rampant on social networks. Too much information is confusing, making users wonder where to buy the best vegetarian food.

Following reporters entering retail markets in Ho Chi Minh City such as Ban Co (District 3), Thi Nghe, Hoa Binh (District 5) or Ba Chieu Market (Binh Thanh District), there are many stalls selling vegetarian food. With the shape like salty food called with many attractive names such as sausage, hot pot, pate, vegetarian chicken drumstick, roasted pork, all kinds of pork … are packed in nylon bags and sold for 80,000- 120,000 VND / kg. Particularly, vegetarian pork ribs will have a slightly higher selling price from 200,000 VND / kg.

Besides, there are many processed vegetarian dishes that can be eaten immediately such as: shredded chicken, dried stingray, dried chicken with sesame slices, stewed meat with pepper, dried deer, ….

In addition, the reporter discovered that there are many products with no origin, no origin, no address, and no expiration date.

Nutritionists always advise consumers to be wise when choosing where to sell vegetarian food, as there are many poor quality products that are added with many unhealthy ingredients such as additives. price, smell, color, … to attract more buyers.

The Ho Chi Minh City Food Safety Board has issued many warnings about using processed vegetarian foods because you will not know the safety of these vegetarian dishes.

Many establishments want to increase profit by adding fragrances, fixatives, anti-mold agents … to keep the product “fresh” for longer.

Therefore, when processing does not guarantee the process, it will lead to food poisoning such as nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, digestive disorders, … causing a great impact on the health of consumers.

Be careful buying vegetarian products to avoid choosing the wrong quality products

Where to sell reputable vegetarian food in HCM you should visit?

To buy quality vegetarian food at the best price, you should choose Au Lac – The leading place specializing in providing vegetarian food in HCM. With more than 20 years in the profession, Au Lac has produced thousands of quality vegetarian products, with bold taste and always committed to safety for the health of consumers.

All vegetarian products in Au Lac are checked for input quality before being sold to the market. Therefore, Au Lac vegetarian food always ensures the origin, expiry date, safety and diversity in flavor.

Moreover, Au Lac is also a place that sells high-class vegetarian food, familiar to many Vietnamese vegetarians today. Our store offers a variety of products:

– Imported vegetarian food

– Vegetarian instant food

– Dry vegetarian food

– Cold vegetarian food

– Canned vegetarian food.

– Beverage products

– Delicious and unique vegetarian spices

Come to Âu Lạc to buy well-verified vegetarian products

Au Lac is proud to provide thousands of products for many vegetarian shops, restaurants and Vietnamese family meals. Not only that, Au Lac also “pleases” customers with the affordable price and the best customer care service in the market.

Choosing to buy quality vegetarian food will help the meal become delicious, and also contribute to attracting more customers to the restaurant. In addition, eating vegetarian food from a clear origin and at the correct time will ensure our own health.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, you already know where vegetarian food is reputable and most sought after by consumers, right? For more information, please contact the following information:

EUROPEAN Vegetarian Food Production & Trading CO., LTD

Address: 237 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Phone: 028.37173989 – 37173159

Zalo: 0917.202.639 – 0902.423.433

Fax: 028.37173993

Website: www.aulac-vegetarian.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aulacvegetarian

Email: vegan@aulac-vegetarian.com

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