The 5th Great Buddha’s Birthday celebration – Hanoi, 5/2008

The opening ceremony of the Great Buddha’s Birthday celebration of the United Nations (UN) – 2008 – Buddhist calendar 2552 solemnly took place at the My Dinh National Convention Center – Hanoi in the morning of May 14 with the participation of nearly 2,000 elders. After the opening ceremony, 16,000 delegates, guests, monks and nuns and Buddhists attending Vesak 2008 enjoyed a special vegetarian meal organized by Au Lac Vegetarian Food Company. provided.

Director of Au Lac Company Nguyen Thi Ai Trinh, said that each meal had about 60 vegetarian dishes, hundreds of employees and chefs of the company from Ho Chi Minh City were mobilized to Hanoi to serve free meals. In order to prepare for each meal, this team of chefs specializing in cooking vegetarian dishes must prepare a variety of vegetarian and processed foods for many hours. In addition to dishes, there are also fruit and soy milk drinks. It is expected that, within 3 days of the official Buddha’s birthday, there will be about 100,000 free meals. Although providing meals for delegates is a little difficult due to the distance from the kitchen to the dining room is quite far, right service is quite hard, but these staff are still happy to be served at the Great Ceremony.

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